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Details are not just details. They make a home and define the experience. Ethique Developers has been in the pursuit of perfecting these details since the very beginning!

The journey of Ethique began with the collaboration of leading industry leaders, august architects and designers who set out to achieve a singular dream – to accentuate the skyline of Pune with brilliant landmarks. We believe that our work and offerings have a larger impact in the day-to-day lives of people who allow us to be a part of their story. 

The homes we build manifest the dreams of our residents and are their lifelong partners, going beyond generations to offer a comfortable life. It is our responsibility to make this journey remarkable for them. We, therefore, introduce you to our ‘Quintessential Homes’ that add a touch of grandeur to several coveted locales of Pune. We build, we design and we re-develop, thus transforming lives and revamping various elite neighborhoods.

Quintessential Homes by Ethique introduce you to an ultimate class and a royal, utopian lifestyle. They render a contemporary aura, connecting you to a state-of-the-art, futuristic living experience, while preserving the timeless essence of your values. The homes we create are the advocates of finest quality, detailed planning, unparalleled execution and transparent services. They offer beautifully designed, elegant spaces complemented with exceptional functionality and luxurious amenities. 

Every home narrates a beautiful story of a happy family and it is our utmost pleasure to have an opportunity to shape these stories!

Logo Story


E For Elegance!

The key element in the Ethique logo is the letter ‘E’ enclosed in a blue hexagonal shape symbolising our landmarks. It personifies everything that our brand stands for and our vision. Our initial – ‘E’, is represented geometrically in the hexagon, showcasing the finesse and elegance of our products. The logo is a symmetrical masterpiece showcasing the harmony we inspire in all the lives we touch through our projects.

Four Pillars of Excellence

Ethique Developers has carved a niche in impeccable engineering services and architectural design. Our vision to transform every locale we touch stands on four integral pillars – landmark projects, timeless architecture, prominent locations and redefined lifestyle. An emblem of these four elements, the hexagon portrays a building, representing our strengths, and together these elements form an ever-growing name – Ethique.

Towards a Grand Tomorrow

We embrace this new identity, with bigger promises and augmented passion for our craft and vision. A crucial part of this identity is a triangle of growth and prosperity, painted in Portland Orange. It is an arrow that signifies our zeal to move upward and march forward with all the lives that are intertwined with our story! It is our element of success & growth, an endeavour we will always be aspiring to, no matter where we reach.

The Shades of Wisdom & Passion

Designed intricately using a minimal and simplistic colour palette of blue and portland orange, our logo showcases everything we stand for. The mellow blue in our identity inspires calm and represents wisdom, loyalty & sophistication. The invigorating hue of orange, on the other hand, manifests playfulness, warmth, passion & excitement we amalgamate in all our processes. It also represents the elicit essence of happiness and liveliness we wish to inspire.

Our commitment to making a remarkable difference through our landmarks is driven by our love for minimal sophistication, innovative brilliance and trust of all those we associate with!

Corporate Policy

Quintessential Homes by Ethique are a hallmark of skillful craftsmanship, personalised designs and artistic excellence. We are devoted to fostering healthy, happy & magnificent lifestyles at some of the most premium locales and building strong, unwavering trust among our clients. Ethique Developers adds a little extra to everything ordinary and goes beyond the optimum standards to offer exclusive spaces with leisurely amenities.

  • Our first and foremost principle is to deliver the finest quality in all our offerings.
  • We are dedicated to evolution. Upgrading our processes and the homes we build enables us to visualise the future and be prepared to meet future demands.
  • Aesthetics play an important role in every space we create. So does functionality. We render elegant landmarks that are built to impress while ensuring optimum usability & conveniences.
  • Every project begins with planning and moves on towards execution. Taking care of meticulous details, we are involved in all the processes thoroughly to ensure perfection in designing, construction and home-buying services.
  • We deeply believe in design-thinking. Every space we build has to be exclusive and should meet our client’s refined taste.
  • Every space rendered by Ethique Developers is blessed with natural elements, such as light, air and more. This ensures sustainability and biophilic elements further enhance the look and aura of the space.
  • Clients are and will always remain at the centre of everything we do.
  • We value the trust that people place in our brand and strive persistently to deliver more than they expect.
  • Delivering promises and landmarks on time is not just a habit, it is the basic requirement in all our processes.
  • Our team is composed of numerous domain experts, who stand true to our ethos and are dedicated to innovation, driving us towards the best there is, every day.
  • Transparency in our work and dealings is the basis of all our long standing relationships.

Our Ethos


Comfort Meets Unparalleled Quality

There is something very opulent and rich about quality. It is a luxury that adds distinct usability and grace to your home. Uncompromising in every way, comfort blended with unparalleled quality is how we approach every process.

Marching Forward, One Trust Story at a Time!

All our bonds and relationships are built on the virus of integrity and honesty. Right from the beginning or your journey with Ethique till the very end and beyond, we nurture trust through transparency in all of our dealings.


Your Dreams, Our Passion

Everything about our offering revolves around our clients. When your dreams & expectations meet our expertise & passion, a masterpiece is created!

Meet The Creators

Er. Samir Gandhi

Founding Partner

Mr. Samir Gandhi, a developer of renown, brings with him an impeccable virtue of relationship management and unparalleled expertise in construction. A civil engineer by qualification, he has developed several landmarks in Solapur & Pune since the beginning of his journey.

Mr. Gandhi comes with a rich experience of over 30 years in the real estate market. Starting his journey at an early age of 22, he has today carved a niche in constructing and contracting segments, while also building an immense network of clients, associates and partners through his unmatched communication skills. Mr. Gandhi is an award-winning leader and has bagged numerous honours for his brilliance in work.

Today, as an entrepreneur and leader, he is the founding partner at Ethique and heads acquisition of projects, legal liasoning, public relations as well as delivery excellence in the company. His dexterous leadership has inspired the team to meet all promises in terms of quality, design and timelines.

Mr. Gandhi has also been the President of CREDAI, Solapur, for many years, while his wife has led Maharashtra’s women’s wing as a Vice President. Spearheading his team with passion and positivity, he is a stalwart of immense zeal, excellence and principles!

Ar. Sanjeev Mehta

Founding Partner

Architect Sanjeev Mehta is a name to reckon with in the world of architecture and real estate. Assuming the role of Principal Architect at Ethique Developers, he brings with him over 32 years of diverse and incredible experience in exceptional designing and flawlessly execution of various projects across the world!

Ar. Mehta has been instrumental in the designing of over 25 million sq. ft. area in and around Pune. He is the founder of Ethique Architects and Associates, an illustrious architecture firm conceived over 20 years ago. EAA was the vision of Ar. Mehta, and with sheer dedication he has turned this dream to reality. He has designed and created numerous landmarks in over 12 cities of India and globally till date.

At Ethique Developers, Ar. Mehta guides the team of over 50 people and spearheads the architectural department. He brings with him his immense zeal for the craft and his creative spirit, rendering innovative and personalised spaces to all customers while enriching their lives.

Ar. Mehta has always been an advocate of hard work and passion. With his remarkable vision and affection for innovative spaces, he inspires us to think ahead, of possibilities and time. His expertise is a valuable asset to our aim of transforming locales!

Mr. Karan Hote

Founding Partner

Mr. Karan Hote, a Design Engineer by profession and a leader at heart, ushers our team towards remarkable deliveries and impressive work ethics. He has pursued his education from a renowned university in the US & today has a prowess in creating homes. He is a first-generation entrepreneur with an innovative and creative perspective which makes him a remarkable designer. He heads the operations and the general management of the company.

Mr. Hote has inherited his zeal and prowess for entrepreneurship and execution from his father, Dr. Jagdish Hote – a renowned name in Pune’s real estate leaders. His diverse family background comprises innovative engineering expertise spanning over 40 years, giving him the edge in the real estate sector.

Er. Amrit Patel

Founding Partner

Mr. Amrit Patel is a Civil Engineer who has a knack for inspiring a vision and setting the direction for success. He is a dynamic leader with a positive attitude towards work and life. He guides Ethique forward with his commitment & support.

With over 38 years of colossal business experience in the construction industry, he encourages innovation and new ideas. His habit of attention to detail is rooted in our work processes!

Mr. Yogesh Patel

Execution Head

Mr. Yogesh Patel has his qualifications in civil engineering and expertise in execution. Hard work & resilience is at the core of his work and he encourages his team at our project sites for timely deliveries and impeccable implementation.

Mr. Patel heads our civil work and construction activities. His calm demeanor and patience have remarkably driven Ethique to hold true on our promises and values. He inherits his natural knack for leadership from his father, Mr. Amrit Patel!


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    Ethique Developers LLP is a booming union of experts from varied backgrounds. Together, the leaders bring their best skills and knowledge to the table, making them an asset at Ethique.

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    Hrishikesh Society, Gokhale Road, Model Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra – 411016

    MahaRERA No.: P52100020750


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